Artificial Quartzite

Not all varieties of quartz are naturally occurring. Prasiolite, an olive colored material, is produced by heat treatment; natural prasiolite has also been observed in Lower Silesia in Poland. Although citrine occurs naturally, the majority is the result of heat-treated amethyst. Carnelian is widely heat-treated to deepen its color.

Because natural quartz is often twinned, synthetic quartz is produced for use in industry. Large, flawless, single crystals are synthesized in an autoclave via the hydrothermal process; emeralds are also synthesized in this fashion.

Artificial quartz is a kind of engineered stone which is made up of 93% natural quartz mixed with resin,granite power,christobalite, pigments by high technology machine in high pressure and under vacuum state. 

Artificial quartzite is hard and compact structure with excellent even, smooth and bright surface which also ensure its incomparable characteristic of high resistance to abrasion, compression, scratch, heat, corrosion and penetration. The main product stone is widely used for kitchen countertops, flooring, wall, bathroom, windows, furniture, etc.

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