Adorning grand buildings of the past and many more today, the marble balustrade, originally called marble baluster, is the name given to small columns and rails used in conjunction with coping for the construction of garden, patio walls and decorative garden designs. Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED Specializes in fabricating marble, granite and any other type of stones in special shapes, including stone balusters, marble balustrade systems, limestone railings, sandstone rails. All our stone balustrades or marble balusters are fully customizable in material, dimension and designs. You may also send us your own designs of stone balusters or marble balustrades for total customized fabrication. All our stone balustrades marble balusters are suitable for indoor outdoor applications.

Granite,Marble,Travertine Series
Kitchen countertops   Vanity tops   Stainless Steel Sinks   Sinks and Basins   Shower pans,panels and bath tubs   Tiles   Half slabs and big slabs   Marble composite tiles   Swimming pool edges   Stone Mosaics   Glass mosaics   Waterjet inlay patterns or medallion   Stone Skirting,strips,or trimming   Balustrade   Steps and window sills   Blue limestone   Yellow limestone   Travertine   Cooking stone and cookware   Wooden marble series   White marble series   Onyx   Artificial Quartzite