Billiard slate

As a leading manufacturer in China, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED produces and supplies the best Chinese quality slate. We have price advantage by owning quarry and factory, the low production cost of rural area keeps our products very competitive.
Our strict producing and testing assure the horizontal playing surface of our slate, the accurate hole-distance and the cutting of the pockets.

The below articles listed are the regular products that our factory is producing. Besides, we can process billiard-table slates for various specifications according to the requirements of our clients.

12ft (3658X1867X45) 5PCS
12ft (3658X1867X40) 5PCS
12ft (3658X1867X25) 5PCS
11ft (3300X1700X40) 5PCS
11ft (3300X1700X25) 5PCS
10ft (3048X1564X40) 5PCS
10ft (3048X1564X25) 5PCS
9ft (2750X1410X40) 5PCS
9ft (2750X1410X25) 5PCS
9ft (2750X1448X25) 5PCS
8ft (2413X1295X25) 3PCS
8ft (2413X1295X22) 1PCS
7ft (2160X1168X25) 5PCS
7ft (2160X1168X25) 1PCS

Backing: Without or with backing(Particle board / MDF / Ply wood / Hard wood)
Packing: Wooden Crate fumigated
Proudction lead time: 2 weeks per container for the first order, a week per container for repeated order.
Professional Processings:
1, Abundant experienced labor could assure us to get the intact quarry blocks.
2, Automaticall controlled sawing machine and grinding machines to assure the slab keep leveled on all sides along with the thickness kept within 0.15mm.
3, High-level technology drilling machine with adjustable diamond stone can cut 18rail bolt holes&6 pockets at one time and then 12 countersunk holes for once.

Natural Slate,Quartzite Series
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