Chinese granite

Natural granite rock is the second in the hardness after diamond. For its long lasting durability, granite rock has proven to be the perfect choice in fabrication of countertop and flooring product. As it is more precious than porcelain or slate, installing cutting granite tile floors and tile walls will add significant value to the property. Colors of granites are abundant, giving you a wide range of choices. Maintaining granites is rather simple; it has no off-gassing. Usable granite quarries are widely distributed in the world, where igneous activities had once taken place.  

There are many such quarries in China. Absolute black and golden rustic (G682) have gained international recognitions in recent years. As a leading stone manufacturer in China, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED have significant price advantages on all granites that are quarried in China; certain Chinese granites cost only fractions of those imported from elsewhere while colors and textures are comparable. We can supply high quality cutting granites, prefab granites and custom granite slabs, blanks and tiles with large selections of colors at affordable prices. Wholesale granite prices significantly discounted from retail costs are available to volume buyers. Contact us to find out how to make your granite construction affordable. Common granite finishes are polished, honed and flamed.

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