Cube stone

Cube stone, mostly made by granite, basalt, andesite, sandstone or porphyre, is widely used for paving stone, roads, gardens, parking, etc. Available in many natural colors, such as pink, red, yellow, black, grey, etc.
Normally we have 3 types of cube stone. 1. hand made cubes, 1) all sides natural split, or 2)surface fine picked, rest split
2. machine cut cubes. 1)surface flamed or bush hammered, others split. 2)surface flamed or bush hammered, bottom and edges split, 3)surface flamed or bush hammered, rest sawn.4)surface flamed or bush hammered, edges sawn 1.5cm, rest split
3. tumbled cubes. 1)all sides natural split and then tumbled 2) all sides sawn, surface flamed or bushhammered, then tumbled.
Available sizes could be as follows.
9x9x5, 9x9x9cm, 10x10x5cm, 10x10x8cm, 15x20x5cm, 12x24x5cm, 15x20x10cm, 10x20x10cm, or any other sizes you may require.

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