Flooring tiles

Are there any stone tiles that have prices comparable to artificial materials like ceramic? Yes. It is slate tile. Natural slate is a very durable hard wearing material. Slate tiles are more elegant than artificial ceramics yet cost significantly less than average marble or granite tiles, which makes slate tile an ideal material for flooring wall covering. Walls or floors covered by slate tiles will show unique unique natural accents for their "rough" feeling and appearance.

Slate tile flooring has been commonly used in kitchen, bathroom, patio and pool areas while slate walls are increasingly seen in both interior and exterior applications. As one of the leading natural slate manufacturer, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED specializes in slate tile fabrication. We offer large selections in color and finish options. The popular slate tile colors in North America include rustic yellow, golden yellow, gray, green and black. Significant color variations do exist with almost all slate tiles, which however makes a slate tile floor or slate wall more attractive. Certain maintenances are necessary for slate tile floor and slate walls. There are several finishes available for slate tiles. Honed slate and tumbled slate are popular options. Bottom of the slate tiles is typically honed to be rather flat while their surfaces are generally riven, showing its natural and rough split, with edges tumbled. As a result, there could be up to 1/4" difference in the heights on the surfaces of slate tiles. 

Natural Slate,Quartzite Series
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