Green porphyre

Porphyry, also commonly known as Cobblestone, makes it one of the strongest stones and most important materials both for paving and for cladding. It is not selected according to color, which vary greatly as a result of millions of years of moisture, oxides and concretions infiltration. The range of colors goes from grey to red and violet with several different shades. Porphyry stands wear and tear very well. It is resistant to all components of the atmosphere, such as ice and intense cold. Because of its chemical and physical features it is suitable for pedestrian areas and other areas subject to very heavy traffic. Porphyry's anti-slip quality, even in wet and icy conditions, allow for the paving of the streets, courtyards, gardens, parks and the creation of street furniture items. Porphyry comes in a variety of forms such as: <1>Cobbles, <2> Kerbstone, <3>Natural Cleft Tiles, <4>Machined Surface Tiles,etc.

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