Kitchen countertops

Are you looking to low price countertops that are made in marble granite travertine and other natural stone materials? If so, you have arrived at the right place. Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED design, manufacture large selection of  kitchen countertops tabletops bar tops and bathroom vanity counters. We have been supplying high quality counter tops to a variety of building and renovation projects, including hotels, condominiums, subdivision homes. Large material selection and superior workmanship have enabled us to gain the competitive edge. Based on their applications, our company’s countertops can be classified into kitchen countertop, bathroom or vanity countertop, counter and table tops.

DIY:  Is It Easy to Install stone Countertop?
Handling stone countertops, either as kitchen counter top or bathroom vanity top, may not be quite relaxing. However, we are doing our best to make installations of all our countertops achievable for non-pro installers. In general, pre-fabricated marble granite kitchen and vanity countertops are finished in two ways, with front and one side (left or right) edge finished or laminated for wall-to-open application, or only front edge finished, which is suitable for between-walls application in kitchen or bathroom. Standard width of pre-fabricated granite counter top is 6.5' or 8'; while standard depth is 26" for kitchen and 22" for bathroom vanity countertops. You can use a circular saw to cut and a regular grinder to smooth the unfinished sides to make an exact fit.

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