Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of mainly calcium carbonate. As most natural limestone rock formations contain mainly non-crystallized minerals, quarried limestone blocks possess rather uniform composition, texture, and structure. Natural limestone had originally been deposits on shallow sea beds, so they could carry certain visible fossil patterns.

Limestone color ranges from white, blue, beige cream yellow to gray, with many variations of ivory and light gold usually considered most popular for countertop fabrications. Common limestone finishes are honed - "matte", polished and tumbled. Tumbled limestones are mainly for paving applications, while polished and honed limestone slabs tiles are used in flooring and wall covering. Additional limestone uses include kitchen countertop, bar and vanity countertops, tub surrounds, desks, fireplace carvings and other architectural and building applications such as sills, moldings, columns. In some cases, marble has also been called limestone. As one of leading stone manufacturers, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED work closely with major quarries and mines all over the world to offer high quality limestones in a full spectrum of colors.

Our featured limestone colors include French limestone or Baisha Crema, Jerusalem gold limestone, blue limestone or "blue stone" in the other term, Chinese white and classic grey limestone that is comparable to American limestone in color and texture.  If you are in the market to buy building limestones such as slabs, blanks, floor tiles or wall coverings, please review the following limestone pictures to find the colors of your interest. Special discount limestone prices are available for volume buyers.

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