Monuments and memorial stone are everywhere. Granite is by far the most commonly used material for fabricating monuments, headstone, tombstone and memorial markers. The biggest advantage of granite monuments is their durability. Granite monuments will keep their original shape & form even hundreds years later. A large volume of granite monuments are used every year in America, of which a big portion has been imported from China, where granites are abundant.

As a co-owner of one of the largest pure black granite quarry, the most popular color for granite monuments, headstones, cemetery stones and tombstone in China, our company-Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED has been engaging in memorial cemetery granite stone fabrications for over two decades. As a direct stone manufacturer, we supply a large selection of top quality granite monuments, tombstone, gravestone, headstone, in different styles, shapes and sizes, at very competitive quarry-direct prices. Custom granite monument and headstone engravings available. In addition to the absolute black granite, other recommended granite stone colors for granite monument are red, such as Tianshan Red,  and gray, like G603 or G623. Marble has rarely been used for monuments although white marble are sometimes used in special memorial projects. We accept custom designs of granite monuments, headstones, tombstones & cemetery markers.   

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