Natural Slate,Quartzite Series

Natural Culture stone, including the slate, sandstone and quartzite, is exploited from the natural stone mines. After processing, it will become the distinctive decorative building materials. Its natural texture keeps the original style of nature stone. Plus the natural color assortment, the connotation and artistry of nature stone or its original texture will be fully exhaustive. This matches the people’s idea of advocating the nature, returning to nature… We strongly recommend People to use this kind of natural slate/sandstone/quartzite as the façade, wall background, paving, etc. as that conveys to people a cultural charm and a natural flavor.

  • Slate colors

    Slate colors

  • Quartzite colors

    Quartzite colors

  • Flooring tiles

    Flooring tiles

  • Mushroom Stone

    Mushroom Stone

  • Tumbled Stone

    Tumbled Stone

  • Big random slate

    Big random slate

  • Small random slate

    Small random slate

  • Roofing slate

    Roofing slate

  • slate mosaics

    slate mosaics

  • Billiard slate

    Billiard slate

  • Skirtings


  • Flagstone Mats Slate

    Flagstone Mats Slate

  • Mosaic flagstone Mats

    Mosaic flagstone Mats

  • Tumbled flagstone Mats

    Tumbled flagstone Mats

  • Culture stone veneer

    Culture stone veneer

  • Cement Ledgestone Post

    Cement Ledgestone Post

  • Slate cap stone & steps

    Slate cap stone & steps

  • Machine-made pebbles

    Machine-made pebbles

  • Tumbled Pebblestone

    Tumbled Pebblestone

  • River pebble

    River pebble

  • Cobblestone on mesh

    Cobblestone on mesh

  • Glow pebble

    Glow pebble

  • Slate cooking stone

    Slate cooking stone

  • slate water fountain

    slate water fountain

  • Tea Tray Carvings

    Tea Tray Carvings

  • Other slate carvings

    Other slate carvings