As a leading stone manufacturer in China, RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED provides a full line of high quality finished Onyx products, such as onyx tile, Onyx column, Onyx countertop, Onyx sink, Onyx ball, Onyx fireplace, onyx shower and Onyx vase.

Onyx, often being called Onyx Marble, is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. The colors of onyx's vein-like bands range from white to almost every other colors other than such shades as purple, blue or black. Name "Onyx" has sometimes been misused to label other banded lapidary materials, such as banded calcite found in Mexico and Pakistan. This material is much softer than true Onyx, and much easier to find. Some products carved or fabricated in such "Onyx" are seen in the market. So, you need to be careful when considering the onyx as decoration material and make sure you are getting the true onyx in the geological sense. The onyx tile has beautiful colors. Green onyx, blue onyx, white onyx and red onyx are commonly seen onyx colors. In particular, thin white onyx or light color onyx slab will have the translucent feature, making them ideal material for lighted stone decorations.

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