Natural sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of mainly quartzes so it is often called quartz sandstone. In general, the sandstone has strong resistance to weathering. Iron content contained in sandstone formation contributes to common reddish colors. Natural sandstone was formed in in-land rivers or lakes, so it may contain certain visible fossils patterns. The most popular finish for cut sandstone is honed (matte) or raven, depending on the different applications. Sandstone can be quarried in large blocks and is commonly used in the architectural project where large scale exterior decoration is needed, e.g., bench, vase archway. Sandstone can also be used to make columns, fireplaces, pavers and wall bricks. 

To provide comprehensive solutions for sandstone buildings, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED offers a variety of cut sandstone colors, featuring QY and Sichuan Woodvein sandstones that is similar to popular Arizona sandstone, light beige crystal sandstones, comparable to Dakota sandstone in North America, as well as traditional earth tone sandstones, QY yellow. If you are in the market you buy sandstone slabs, blanks , floor tiles or wall covering, please browse through the following gallery for sandstone pictures. Due to its coarse grain nature, a "honed" finish is strongly recommended for most sandstone building projects although other finish options are available.

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