Steps and window sills

Stone window sill and frame are excellent decoration for both interior and exterior of a building. They are not only last forever but also are easy to be maintained. Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED offers classic designs of stone window sills and frames, custom stone window surrounds and simple stone window trims, available in marble, granite, limestone and sandstone.

DIY Window Sill Frame & Surround

In addition to pre-designed complicated styles, simpler but still fully customized stone window sills and frames are also available

For Sill

1. select edge preference, either luxury or standard, see images below

2. select a material. Virtually all natural stone can be used for making window sills, however, a color should be chosen as to match the overall theme of the building, typically, color of the floor.

3. Select a cross profile, which should base on design of the widows.

4. determine dimensions

For Frame or surround

1. select a material, should be same as sills

2. select a profile. Refer the molding page for a complete list of available profiles.

3. choose the thickness and determine dimension

Granite,Marble,Travertine Series
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