What is travertine? Travertine is a type of natural stone formed through massive calcium carbonate, CaCO3, and resulting from deposition by springs or land rivers. Travertine is very porous but consists of very fine grains, often carries beautiful banded colors as the result of presence of iron compound or other impurities such as organics.

Travertine stone, often being called "travertine marble", "travertine limestone" or even travertine granite,  is also known as calc-sinter and calcareous tufa; when used for decorative purposes, it's often referred as onyx marble and Mexican onyx. Another nickname for travertine is "Egyptian Oriental alabaster". Travertine color has significant variations within the same slab even the same tile,  but in general  can be categorized into beige cream or yellow  (Chinese), gold and yellow  (Turkish),  walnut, noce or noche, light white or ivory and red travertine (Turkish). Travertine can be used for building applications such as fabricating floor tiles, wall tiles, countertops. Certain types are available for carving sinks, tables, fireplace mantel surrounds, columns, gazebos, fountains, statues etc.

 Other uses of building travertine include luxury decorations like floor medallion, mosaic in the areas requiring strong natural ascents. We supplies the following custom travertine colors:

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